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1/32 Lanoe Hawker receives his AMC DH2 wingnutsplane!

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After finishing the figure first, finally united Lanoe Hawker VC with his own AMC DH2 . Both figure and kit produced together by Wingnut Wings.

48142347286_6eea5ff691_c.jpgE15F6850-CA3A-4122-8E14-B2075D10B3FA by Colin Dempsey, on Flickr


48142341646_f77cfeeceb_c.jpg934E6F15-6692-42A2-A950-DA1CAD68C782 by Colin Dempsey, on Flickr


48142422832_73742db1a4_c.jpg08B6613A-0E45-41C0-B985-CABF87661719 by Colin Dempsey, on Flickr


48142332336_be114f17cc_c.jpg5ACAF5AD-9A23-41CA-AC94-022615A31966 by Colin Dempsey, on Flickr


48158302121_a407e8da39_c.jpg580B5F3D-8C1C-4376-9FF1-0D2A67FF8F42 by Colin Dempsey, on Flickr

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On 7/3/2020 at 3:45 AM, sanfrandragon said:

Lovely finish and well presented.  That rigging looks a challenge but you’ve done a wonderful job!

The rigging is in fact quite easy.  EZ line is elastic, and with slight tension applied and a touch of superglue you're good to go.  The hardest bit is following the instructions where the rigging goes and you need to work from inside out.

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