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And here, at last, pictures of the beast in it's finished form.

A quick resume' first though. The Star Wars Slave One ship has always looked like a Hovertank to me. I managed to get one cheap 'with parts missing' from kitsforcash.

A cut'n'shut job on the lower hull gave me the basis of the tank. The spares boxes & two cheap Airfix Tiger tanks gave me the rest.

The figure is Rolf. He is the tank commander. A little short for 1/48th perhaps, but he is only about 18. He was in an Aircraft kit long ago.

I just wonder, how noisy would this thing be? Forget stealth!


The skirt is Tiger Tank tracks. No points for spotting the Panzerfaust, a common item in the kreiger world.



I think the radiator behind Rolf was originally a non slip surface.



Frontal armour was added. Well you would wouldn't you? The main bit is 1/24th Typhoon.



Just above the Harrier thruster (now a steering nozzle) in the bin, is spare skirt. (Always useful) (fnar)



Last weekend I did a final mist spray of rattlecan white primer.



Maybe I should have done another close up of the rusty exhaust.



The gun is metal. I can't remember what it was originally used for. Yes, the step by the radiator is bomb fins.



The Cowcatcher on the front is another bit from Slave one.





The Tiger engine decks are obvious. That's a Stalin wheel in the middle of it.



Oh yes, Airfix Matador roof and Panzer IV idler wheel. Other bits ex spares box. (Or Tiger).

I forgot to include pictures of the underside and all it's lift fans. Too late tonight, I'll add them tomorrow.

Thanks for looking. As always, comments etc are very welcome. There is a WIP thread in the obvious place.





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Evening Pete.

A great result and a fascinating piece of kit, I see you got the camo sorted, looks good and effective. Made from recycled plastic! You may be up for an environmental award for your work 😃


Can't wait for your next project.



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That looks pretty darn good, the rust and crud are particularly effective.

Somehow though, I get the feeling that your pilot talks like Dolph Lundgren?

Must be the flattop.

Very nice.


We demand more.

So, what's next?

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20 hours ago, rockpopandchips said:

What's next? 

A good question. And the answer is, More Slave One. This thing cost me 8 quid plus postage, so I'm determined to get my money's worth out of it.

Here's a link to a picture of the thing. https://starwarsblog.starwars.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Image-00-Header-1536x820.jpg


I've used the lower hull so that leaves me the upper section. The Cockpit and 'tail'. So that will (eventually) become some sort of orbital tug in 1/32nd.

Or something along those lines, I'm still in the planning stage. I want to stay kreiger but maybe more insectoid. Spindly legs? But I'll use pivoting thrusters

in those arched bits on the sides. Perhaps fuel tank 'eggs' under the tail? We shall see what happens when I unleash the power of the spares boxes.


Dolph Lundgren? Must be a clone from 800 year old frozen DNA from a Mosquito. Or something. Dolph? Rolf? Shmolf already! :laugh:


I took pics of the underside when I got home earlier. Hopefully I can post them tonight.


Many thanks for the nice comments chaps. I'm pleased with the outcome, and it's currently sitting on top of the cabinet in the mancave.



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As promised, here we are a little later with more pictures.


That rusty exhaust. I'm quite pleased with how that came out.



The underside. This picture was taken inside under artificial light but may show up some of the detail.

Mostly I just added Panzer wheels and other tank bits under here.



And then outside. This is the real colour, light muddy brown



And another outside shot showing a bit of shading. I didn't want to go too mad under there and did consider mesh over the fans.

But then the thought of trying to cut round mesh panels put me off!

And for those with curious minds who have nothing better to wonder about, the length is 24cm. That's 9 1/2 inches in old money.

Again, thanks for looking and comments/criticisms/offers of money are always welcome.

Ciao Compadres, Pete

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It turned out brilliantly Pete. It really looks like something that's come from Kow Yokoyama's imagination. If I hadn't seen the build, I don't think I'd have guessed that there's a Slave 1 hull hiding under there.



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