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Hi Guys,

After coming away from Partizan with a few boxes of British Napoleonic infantry and cavalry,


I thought I'd have a go at painting some infantry. Now, I'm quite used to painting 6mm, 15mm for wargaming and 1/72 for my aircraft/ boats but I can't remember doing anything with 28mm, so this will push my boundaries some what. These figures are not going to reach a wargaming table but are for display only. I was going to display the whole box set but I'm leaning towards showing them in groups so as to cover as many different aspects as possible,



so I have decided to single out the rifle figures. I plan on keeping the heads separate to make painting easier, as with the backpacks but I might modify them slightly so as to make them look different. These four chaps are not going to cut it on their own, so...



...got them some buddies, these are Perry Miniatures. And...



you've got to have some boss men, Perry's command set. Now, I don't know where I'm truly going with this but the idea is to paint half as the 60th Rifles from the Peninsula War and the other half as the 95th from Waterloo.


I like...


the look of this flashy sod, so I might just start with him.


So, their you have it. If their is anything I should know, just shout, preferably before I've done. Comments and critique always welcome.

Oh, these will NOT be fast, these will be fill in jobs, so don't expect fast and furious stuff.



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If you are doing the 60th in the Peninsula then you need to trim their trousers. The 60th wore the old fashioned knee stockings and not trousers. 

Strictly, none of the men in action should have their knapsacks on. These were left with the baggage waggon whilst they were fighting

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Thanks for a quick response @Black Knight. The 'stockings' mod doesn't sound too daunting; a bit of file work and some milliput but a job none the less. Do you have reference or an image or two to prove your point before I get the file out as the books I have don't show or mention that? As for the knapsacks, makes sense but it does make you wonder why miniature produces make figures with them on if the norm was the opposite. The plastics are easy enough, just not fit them but I would need to hack off the ammo pouches and water bottles, the metals are a different story and will have to stay as-is.



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