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Hey guys:

     Does anyone have any experience with the multitude of new 1/35 WWII military figures from China that are popping up on EBay? Some are  obvious recasts 😡 but the majority look like new CAD products http./1/35 Resin WWII German Officer & Soldier Panzer Crew Unpainted Unbuild BL535 from “Fashonzon” is  an example. Has anybody ordered from any of these companies? Thanks, Marty

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Hi, Marty.


Must admit I've never ordered from any of the Chinese companys, but the images on the listings do grab your attention, don't they? I don't see any reason that the figures shouldn't be the equal of their images (might be a good step to avoid any figures that only supply a CAD-type image - why not provide an image of the real item, instead?). It seems to me that the Chinese players are keen to play on a global stage, so it would follow that they would do their best to produce excellent figures, so they are competitive with the rest of the world. 


I wish you luck in finding what you want.  



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Sorry but the seller is just another scumbag recaster of other companies figures. Those figures in the listing are recast copies from a company called Tank.


These days I've yet to find genuine figures in resin from any seller in China or Hong Kong. There are even a few on Ebay saying they are located in the UK but when you read their feedback it complains they are in China really. some in Russia as well


There are certain signs to show what isn't genuine. These can be anything from " no more box" as creating a replica box is too much for these low lifes thank goodness. Some even have the cheek to steal the images of the genuine item from the manufacturers web pages. Another give away is not having the brand name or model number.


Ebay is complicit in this trade of "stolen" items, in that it does little or nothing to stop it.


There are a few genuine item sellers on Ebay FOG models is one. SK Miniatures is another, but for the most part the rest are thieving recasters.





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Thanks Alanmac. I have been screwed out of $200 on a set of figures from a US individual in 2003 and actually involved the Sheriffs Office in this guys county! When I went through the song and dance with E bay, this jack.ss actually contacted me, and used his own name and contact information! He laughed in my face through E mail of course or he would still be undergoing dental surgery! Long story short, I caused this dude so much trouble with the cops that he had to move at great haste - I wasn’t the only person he had screwed over, so revenge was sweet!😁 If I can ever get a photo posting app that works, I’ll put up some pictures of my 27”” Predators, and my 1/16 Verlinden Sturmtiger. Also a bunch of 1/32 WWII and and modern combat jets. Just getting into 1/35 figures- tank crews, etc. for my Tiger. Thanks for the info you guys. This is the only modeling site I read these days, its the best! 


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