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75mm Parthia Catafratari

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Rp Models 75mm Parthia Catafratari, the design, sculpting and casting is just superb casting. A few photos below, but it has to be seen with the naked eye to appreciate the quality. Its going to be a challenge to bring out the best of the whole piece. I have also already found the adverdsary for this , so will be creating a small vignette once its all completed.


Box art



All parts come wrapped in zip lock bags




Front Legs;



Detail on the anklets;



Details on rear;



Riders Saddle,lots of superb casted rugs and coverings, wood looks good as well;



The three main pieces together, i should say they are not glued, tacked just joined together, such is the quality of the fittting;



The camels neck and head, again adorned with superb sculpting and casting;


Just look at the details in the mouth, teeth and tongue;



The rider comes in three main parts, to which his arms and a choice of two heads are fitted;




Separate heads;


Darth Vader look;



Open helmet, going to take a very small file to remove the casting 'lip';


Lots of lovely cast wood and metal detail on the sheild;



I cleaned up the camel and rider last night and pinned the pieces to some cork tops, so i can get them primed tonight. 

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:wow:Amazing casting quality, I shall be watching how this turns out 🍿


Where did you acquire it, please?



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I'd also like where you got this. Their website still quotes it as coming soon... That war elephant they have looks very good, too. Quality seems to be absolute top notch. Will follow your progress!

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What a difference a day makes, twenty-four little hours, my camel gloom has faded away and sunny times are here to stay - Apologies to Dinah Washington. Well I am a lot happier with the camel after last nights painting session, a myriad of sand tones, yellow tones, grey brown tones applied as glazes and i have something i like. I had to try putting some colour on the camels Armour to see how its all going to look, and the word would be impressive. Next up is her knees and hooves, mouth and teeth. About the mouth, I couldn't believe that when you look inside the mouth, RP have even sculpted the rear molars - unbelievable detail in this scale.





May your brushes be ever loaded with colour and joy


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19 minutes ago, rockpopandchips said:

Now that is a very impressive looking model, his tail end could do with some fluff/hair on it, looking forward to see it all painted up.


Her tail broke off, luckily I found it in the box, so I will glue it back on once the whole thing is finished.

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Spent an enjoyable hour or so last night painting Camilla's Mouth, teeth and tongue. Also painted in the rest of the leather head harness;









Just a couple of touch ups required, but should be fixed with an ink wash around the leather. Next up will be the ankle jewelry. 

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Impressive! :clap:


Can you play with white balance with the device you use to take pics? A neutral (light blue, for instance) background and a proper white balance would make your excellent paint job pop out even more. Just my :2c:



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A little progress update. Rider is complete, waiting for some slow set superglue to get his hands and lance/spear attached to the arms. All painting work on him is complete;






Added the rider (blue tack for now) to the camel and its quite a sight !;





Cleaned up all the tassles, reins and arrows last night, so need to to get them painted very soon as not long left now to Scale Model World on the 9th Nov.

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95% Complete. Just need to add her tail back on, tassles on her neck armour, touch up the base of her head piece, and add a couple of bits to the warrior then its complete. Oo and add some dust clouds around the running feet.










Thanks for looking.

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