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Gloster Gamecock 1/48th Scratchbuilt

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After many months it's finished a 1/48th scale scratchbuilt Gloster Gamecock in 17th Squadron colours. Wheels and upper wing from a Smer Bulldog, a Resin Engine but otherwise all scratchbuilt including home printed decals.









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Nice one Markio. You must have put an immense amount of effort in to scratch build a large amount of this one in 1/48!

Thank you, I suppose I did, but I really enjoyed the build. Just wait until you see my Snark and my Pfalz (will be back on the rails once my Interwar trio are done and dusted)

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Thank you all for the feedback. For some reason it took me ages, I found the hardest part being the plethora of lights (7 ), probes and lines, which just don't seem to be on other types I'm modelling.

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