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T-38A operated by the 6512th Test Squadron, 6510th Test Wing, Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards AFB. T-38s were used mostly as safety/photo chase for F-15 and F-16 test missions. Sometimes used as radar targets for airborne radar test missions.


December 1983

67-14943 6512ts R-2508 19831200 07cr


67-14943 6512ts R-2508 19831200 05cr


67-14943 6512ts R-2508 19831200 04cr


67-14943 6512ts R-2508 19831200 10cr


January 1985

67-14943 6512ts R-2508 19850103 23cr


67-14943 6512ts R-2508 19850103 21cr


67-14943 6512ts R-2508 19850103 17cr


67-14943 6512ts R-2508 19850103 26cr


67-14943 6512ts KEDW 19850103 28cr


May 1985

67-14943 6512ts KEDW 19850518 01cr


February 1989

67-14943 6512ts ED KEDW 19890200 27cr


I really do wish someone would do a real T-38A/C in 1/72 scale. Hasegawa and other have marketed F-5Bs as T-38s. The Sword T-38 is close, but still has some F-5 details.


Thanks for looking,


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Tell me about it- I want to do one of our Randolph   12th FTW  T-38's in white with RA tailcodes soooo bad! Have tons of detail photos- just need a real T-38 kit!


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