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What percentage would I have to increase my instruction sheet to for a 1/32 scale model. The instruction sheet is the standard Revell sheet. Not one of the new style sheets I might add. 

The model is the 1/32 UHU-219.


Thank you.


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There is no standard formula for this because the drawings in the instructions are scaled so that they fit the page. That's different for each subject. You need to find out what scale the drawings in the instructions are. Keep in mind that the top/bottom view might be a different scale than the side views in these instructions.


You can figure out what scale the drawings in the instruction are by measuring them and comparing these measurements to the size of the real thing. The instructions might mention the dimensions of the real thing, and otherwise you can find that info online (usually Wikipedia is okay for these things).


Once you've figured out the scale of the drawings in the instructions (they might be something like 1/154 or something other fairly random) you can figure out how much you need to magnify them to get them up to 1/32.


In this example, the model you are building in 1/32 is bigger than the drawings in the instructions by a factor of 4,8. This means that you need to copy your drawings at 480% to get them to match 1/32 scale.


If you use a photocopier it might not have a magnification setting this high, so what you could do in that case is first magnify by 200% and then those copies by 240%.


Whenever I do this, the copied plans are inevitably a little bit off, so I will print a range of different sizes, say between 475 and 485, and see what fits the scale model best.





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