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1/144 USAF tail codes and Israeli Scorpion decals

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Hello everyone. I`m looking to model USAF and IAF F-16 in 1/144 and have had no luck in finding a decal sheet of USAF tail codes. The ones I am after in particular are WA and AZ. Does anyone know if there is a sheet of generic letters available that could be used. I have had a good look but am having no luck.


I am also looking for a scorpion tail decal in 1/144.

Does anyone know of a place where I might find it, I can find a sheet of other SQN`s but not this particular one.


Many thanks.









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  • John Day changed the title to 1/144 USAF tail codes and Israeli Scorpion decals

If you want access to all the decals you ever want, learn how to design them yourself, and have them custom printed! Just as an example, here's the printing service that Spotmodel offers:




I would recommend CorelDraw. The Home & Student version is affordable, and not too difficult to learn. Tail codes would be a breeze, using the Amarillo font. And you could have them printed in any color you like.





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