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Hi folk's,well Photobucket and I have now officially parted company I deleted 2000 photos last night as the threatened blocking was due today anyway.A lot of kits

from joining BM in 2013 are long gone and the only 1/72 kits I had on view were on a shelf in a sorry dusty state so this morning I decided to clear it and box them up.

all  to 1/72 and had a dust and tidy up so for newer members who might not have seen them here are my better effort's built 2013-2016.

Italeri Stukas.Many thanks for looking in.




Academy p-47's.






Heller Storch.


Airfix p-40's








Airfix Mustang.


Academy p-47.


Airfix Hurricane.




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Hi Steve 

Very nice collection. Love it!  Looks more than 1/48! Fantastic stuff!






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That is a fantastic set of builds Steve, great work on all of them.


Photobucket are turds.  Left them when they shafted everyone.

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3 hours ago, Kevin Callahan said:

Also big on the prototype Hurricane. One thing that has prevented me from launching this project is the mods to the canopy. How exactly did you approach that and what changes did you make? TIA

Hi Kevin,to be honest no changes were made to the kit canopy I saw the decals on the sheet and had to do it! I did  rework the U/C door's from photos to show the

original ones that covered the whole bay and folded up when down other than that fellow member Rick printed me some decals to represent the exhausts.Get  your

Kit and start your project Kevin most folk won't even notice😉

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2 hours ago, JOCKNEY said:

Great stuff Steve

Love the Storch, but goodness knows how you did the camouflage !

cheers Pat

Sadly by hand Pat.I still have nightmares.

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Really like the collection. Thanks for showing them 👍 before they are boxed. I particularly like the desert Stuka and the Storch. Also the Thunder bolt with the blue roundels is very nice.

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