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Warhammer 40K - Boomdakka Snazzwagon

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WIP Thread here


I'm calling this "done", though I have a hankering to maybe weather it. But I rather like to be able to see the cartoonish quality of the imagery involved in this model. It's fun, does it need to be "real"? Dunno.


Anyhow, here are some pictures, as I mentioned in the WIP I struggled with depth of field problem photographing the completed model. I got out the DSLR and put a macro lens on and stopped it down to F16 and I was still getting some issues. Next step would have been the tripod and stop it right down but I decided enough was enough. Without further ado some piccies and then some thoughts on the kit










The vehicle isn't actually stuck on the base (the weathering dilemma you see) but I'm pretty pleased with it.


Thoughts on the Kit


I confess when I opened the box I was a trifle disappointed, only one sprue of plastic. But don't be fooled, there is a lot of work in this kit. The instructions are adequate and beautifully presented but they do not stress how important it is to paint as you go along otherwise it will be almost impossible to paint some of the detail particularly inside the vehicle. That said, a lot of the detail will never be seen again once assembled. For example there are discarded empty bottles and cans on the floor, In know they are there, and I know I have painted them, but I'm not sure I could show you them! The fit of components is absolutely exemplary, have a look at the driver in the last photo, his right arm is added after he was stuck into the vehicle he is tight against the frame of the vehicle but the fit is absolutely perfect, I don't think I even had to touch in the paint.


Criticism. It's been a long while since I built or painted anything by Games Workshop and I miss the metal. Whilst the plastic figures give good detail, I think that you get finer detail on White metal. But you would struggle to build the vehicle out of anything but plastic so I suppose there is a trade to be made. Do GW still do metal figures? I hope so, they used to be very good indeed.


In summary, a fun build and I am very tempted to add a companion vehicle such as the "Megatrakk Scrapjet". I don't think I can give a finer endorsement.





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That came out really well :)The "blood bag" grot on the front is hilarious & there are nice details everywhere.

I've built a couple of these kits up as far as sub-assemblies but haven't painted them yet - as you say, they're pretty fiddly and you end up with a lot of painting as you go stuff. Sometimes you can modify things a little bit to help the sub-assemblies clip together when parts would otherwise get trapped inside others.

GW have almost got out of metal figures completely but there are plenty on the secondary market. They do still have some metal inventory on their website and they've been doing waves of "made to order" models where they re-issue some older ones for a week or two. You need to check the fine print though as some are their finecast resin, which is a bit ho-hum.




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A fantastic build Rumblestripe. As Will mentioned, there are some lovely details across the model. I love the way you've painted the flames on the molotov cocktails.


13 hours ago, Rumblestripe said:

I am very tempted to add a companion vehicle such as the "Megatrakk Scrapjet

I've recently made a start on that one myself, and can confirm that it's an equally nice kit.



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