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WWI British Tank Crew (35708) 1:35

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WWI British Tank Crew (35708)

1:35 ICM via Hannants




With the introduction of the landships that became known as Tanks after the codename given to them during transport, a new breed of soldier came into being.  The Tanker.  Many of them had no clue where they were heading when they were signed up for service in these new armoured vehicles, but their bravery was without question.  Going into battle in a clanking metal box with shards of metal spall hitting them every time a bullet impacted the outside, the frequent breakdowns leaving them stranded on the battlefield, as well as the noxious fumes from the engine that often left them feeling light-headed and nauseous.  Add to that the fact that once the enemy got over their initial terror, they became bullet and shell magnets, drawing heavy fire from the opposition.




This figure set depicts the British crews and arrives in a slightly oversized figure shaped box with a top opening lid and captive inner flap.  Inside is a single grey styrene sprue and a glossy instruction sheet with a sprue diagram on one side and painting and build instructions on the other.  The sprue contains parts for four figures, all of which have separate arms, torso, legs and heads, with map case, revolver holster and gas mask bags as additional parts.  The theme of the set has them looking at a map for perhaps an upcoming engagement with one crew member hunkered down pointing at a map with a stick,  an officer stood with a stick looking down at the map whilst holding a map case.  The other two figures are both stood upright with their heads bowed as if viewing the map, one with his battle bowler on his head and arms behind his back, the other with it in his hands in front of him.  The kneeling man also has his helmet in his hand, while the officer has a cap that is made of two parts to obtain the correct shape.  The officer is also wearing putties above his boots, and the bare-headed standing figure is wearing spats, while the remaining figures have their trousers loose over their boots.




Painting instructions are given around the drawings, using a letter code that corresponds with a chart of Revell and Tamiya paints on the opposite side that also has the colour names if you don't use those brands.  Sculpting of the figures is excellent as you would expect from ICM, and the parts breakdown is sensible, with a view to improving detail whilst minimising any filler, breaking along seams or belts where possible.


Highly recommended for anyone wanting to add a little human scale to their WWI tank diorama.


Available in the UK from importers H G Hannants Ltd.


Review sample courtesy of




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