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TopDrawings 69 Special Edition - Hunt Class Destroyer HMS Badsworth


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TopDrawings 69 Special Edition

 Hunt Class Destroyer HMS Badsworth (9788366148147)

Kagero Publishing via Casemate UK




The Hunt Class destroyers were designed by the Royal Navy in the late 1930s. These were primarily designed as Escort vessel for convoy duty and were smaller and more lightly armed than conventional destroyers, they were also slower. The design was actually based on the Bitten Class Sloop. 86 Hunts were built with 72 being commissioned into the Royal Navy and 14 being transferred to allied Navies. HMS Badsworth (L03) was in the second batch of Hunts to be built. She was launched from Cammell Lairds yard in Birkenhead in March 1941, and was commissioned into the Navy in August 1941. The ship took part in convoys in the North Atlantic, Mediterranean, and Arctic. The ship had a torrid time striking a mine in Malta in 1942, and after repaired, again of Algeria in 1943. The vessel was then selected for transfer to the Free Norwegian Navy and renamed the Arendal. The ship would take the Crown Price of Norway to Oslo on his return to a free Norway, and then returned to the UK to transport the remain of 400 Norwegians who had died in the UK during the war. The ship would later escort more vessels to Norway, and even repatriate German POWs to Bremerhaven. She was relegated to training duties before being stood down in 1961, then to be scrapped in 1965. 




The book is written in English on the left of the page, with Polish on the right, which translates to top and bottom for the captions to the various drawings within.  The book itself is bound in a card cover and has 27 pages, and the rear cover devoted to additional profiles in colour..  There are 2 sets of plans in the book both B2 in size, and both double sided. The first shows full profiles, as shown on the back page; one side is in full colour, the other being black and white line drawings. The second set of plans shows many scrap view of the armament and fittings. Throughout the book, there are numerous smaller diagrams that show various parts of the ship, armament and other fittings.






These books are essential for the modeller that enjoys comparing their models against scale plans, and wants them to be as accurate as possible, with the profiles quite enjoyable.  


Highly recommended.




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