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ACE Alvis Salamander crash truck

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For those of you of the airfield support vehicle persuasion, Ace have just released an Alvis Salamander in 1/72.  These served the RAF from about '63-78.  Completes their set of the FV600 family.




Sprue shots here: https://www.hobby.dn.ua/ace-ace-72434-651-salamander-mk6-crash-tender-p-93783.html


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Steve I was about to say the same thing! I had one as well....an “Alvis  Foamite Crash Tender” apparently produced by Matchbox between 1964 and 1968. 

There is a real one on display at the RAF Museum at Hendon.

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RAF only had the Pyrene type.  RAF Museum have 23AG76.  The Museum of RAF Firefighting at Scampton have one too, 23AG56 - apparently the first one delivered.  23AG70 still exists in private hands and there are supposedly another couple still around including a yellow one at Headcorn Airfield in Kent.  23AG56 is the only known runner, although like most vintage vehicles it isn't always running.  There may be others lurking in yards and lock-ups.


RCAF bought some Pyrene types also, although slightly differently equipped.  Only 1 is known to exist, now belonging to a film prop company.  7 were built by Foamite for South Africa: don't know if SAAF or civil.  I believe these were the only Foamites.


There was at least 1, possibly 2, for driver training without the full rear top hamper.  26AG62 was one. 


At least one Salamander was converted into an open-top bus for beach-front tours at Skegness in the 80's, later converted into a fun off-roader with a Renault diesel engine.  That's my kind of fun!  Another was used as a logging tractor. 


For those interested, the Salamander chassis sales manual can be found here on the Alvis archive.  https://alvisarchive.com/fighting-vehicles/salamander/


Alvis proposed a GS load carrier version, effectively the prototype of what later became the amphibious Stalwart.



For those who want something green, the Army had a Salamander converted into a water cannon for use in The Troubles.  Only 1, I believe.  This would be a nice conversion of the Ace kit (below)



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Worthy of note is that, 3 separate Driver training vehicles, designated FV653 were built, the first 3 off the production line they were fitted with a cab and no rear bodywork except for ballast tanks.  They were delivered via Cosford to the No 4 School of Mechanical Transport at St.Athan, near Cardiff, in September 1962. Where they were issued out in 1957 RAF school of firefighting at Sutton-on-Hull.  Two of these were planned for redeployment at the RAF training College at Manby  and at RAF Syreston


It  is worth noting that from1970 all defence firefighting vehicles were painted olive drab and the Mk6 was no exception.

Information provided from Alvis Saracen Family by Bill Munro




Which can be found in the top right corner

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