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This forum  moves really fast.


Okay here are some more goodies for the bombardiers compartment.

The mount for the gunsight. This unit hangs from the roof of the compartment

(And I finally figured out how to resize the pix to make them look a bit better. :phew:)






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Premature submission. Oops!

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Let's try that again shall we?

Opposite side of the bracket


azimuth gear



and the gunsight itself.



Looks a lot better with a lick of paint and a few placards!






From the gunners point of view.



Okay, that's about it for now.

Next time I have the radios for the radio operators compartment.


Thanks for looking guys. I appreciate all the comments and please ask questions if you have any!



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I've been neglecting this thread  I'm afraid. 

One last set of pictures to finish it off.

The gear for the radio operators compartment. 


Starting from photos, sketches were made showing the relative position of various components were made.

The basic shape of the radio boxes were made from balsa blocks to keep things square and straight.

The blocks were skinned in .010 sheet styrene.

Using a drawing compass measurements were transferred to to the blocks.




The end panels have a cross shaped stiffening indent.

I originally meant to vacuum form the panels but it turned out to be easier to make them up from cut out and laminated sheet stock.




Grab handles were made with bits of soft wire. Screws were made from rod stock and sanded down or from punched disks of sheet stock.

A drop of glue was dripped on the screw to soften it and a screw driver slot was pressed in with a blunt x-acto blade.




Bits of strip and sheet stock to make up the knobs, dials and switches for the rest of the surface details.





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Time for a last few details and some paint!

 Voila! A stack of radios appear!




Mounted on their racks, freq cards added and some scratches and wear marks.





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Over the radio operators table is a transmitter unit mounted on an aluminium shelf.

I made a paper pattern and transferred that to some .015 aluminium sheet, which I cut out with scissors and folded.




Transmitter for the shelf if made from balsa block stock. Sealed with CA glue, sanded and painted with Tamiya silver plate for a nice stamped aluminium case.

Armoured cables with plugs made from scale pressure fittings to make up the wiring harness and some placards left over from spare decal sheets to complete the box.




Back of the box with what I presume is the tuner coil housing.

Clips, clamps, shock mounts and more markings.

Hard to get the camera to focus correctly on all that silver paint.




Oh! Almost forgot.

And of course a telegraph key for our operator.

Only about 10mm wide, it was really hard to focus on. 





I have some other pix showing all the bits in situ but I'll be darned if I know where they are just now.


If I can find them, I'll add them to the thread later.


Thanks for looking guys.

Criticisms, comments and questions all gratefully accepted!

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Plug it all in and get some Glen Miller on the intercom!


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you're not fooling me, their the real thing


just amazing 


gob well and truly smacked




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spoiling mistook

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I have just gotten a commission to do the HK 1/48th B-17G for this same guy and while I was trying to find my references I turned up a few more pix of the big one.

Have a shufti...


Center console and throttle quadrant.

(You can just see the ashtray.)



Finished control yoke, I knew I had a pic with all the badges!



Radio compartment with the Radio man and some electrical goodies



The nose with all the goodies jammed inside.

Tight fit no?



Ball turret hung in place, ready to fly!



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Just a couple more and I'll leave you alone.

(at least until I find something else cool!)


Finished preflight, bombs loaded and ready to go!



Close the doors and let's go flying!




Bombs away!



And prizes for the winners.

The fella in the green shirt is Dennis Grady.

The owner and the guy who pays me lots (but not enough) of money :whistle:

The plane took 3rd place in Scale at the Nationals this last summer.

(tough competition!)

I think the MiG took 2nd in Jets.



Thanks for looking guys!


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Wow that must have been some contest if that amazing bit of work only got 3rd.

Thanks for the additional photos – I'd forgotten about this remarkable build.


Mind you, I have trouble remembering the previous day, so that's not a big surprise.

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Congratulations on the impressive build. Now, kreiger......

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