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Soviet Railway Flatbed 16.5-18T - 1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models

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Soviet Railway Flatbed 16.5-18T

1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models




The Soviet Union covered a vast land mass and as such railways were important to move material over the vast distances. The kit represents a typical medium weight (16.5 to 18t) rail wagon.




The Model

The kit comes in the fairly standard, yet sturdy and colourful top opening box MiniArt use, with an artists impression of the flatbed on the front. The kit has plastic parts and photo etch, there are both the early spoke and later solid wheels and a section of track to mount it on. The kit is fairly simple to assemble. First off the chassis of the wagon is built up. The side members and cross members are built up and joined to form the main base of the truck. The axles are then built up with a choice of either the spoke wheels or solid ones. The main bed of the flat bad is placed on the chassis the edges being added. The leaf spring suspension units are added, and then the axles can be added to them. The sides of the flatcar can then be added. The buffers and couplings can then be added at each end. For added realism it may be better to add real chain rather than the plastic moulded ones supplied in the kit,  If needed the track sections with the rails and sleepers can then be built up for the car to sit on. There are 4 rails and 20 sleepers provided. 









The small decal sheet contains markings for 6 wagons;




  • Unknown Operator USSR 30s - 40s (Early wheels)
  • Western Railway USSR 1939-42 (Early wheels)
  • Moscow Kursk railway USSR 1940s (Early Wheels)
  • Kovel Railway USSR, Summer 1941 (Late wheels)
  • Unknown Operator USSR 1940s (Late wheels)
  • Stalingrad Railway USSR 1942-45 (Late wheels)




This is another great kit from Miniart which can be used on its own or part of a larger diorama. Recommended. 




Review sample courtesy of Creative Models


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