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Will Vale

Zarbag's Gitz: A gaggle of goblins

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Hi all,


Almost three months after I started the little fellas I've finished the last of Zarbag's Gitz so they can claim their spot in RFI:




These are one of Games Workshop's Shadespire (or Warhammer Underworlds if you prefer) warbands, where every side has a small number of unique figures with scenic bases on two standard-sized sprues. I'm impressed that they managed to get nine models in this band, as they all feel nicely 3D and full of character.




It does help that goblins are small - the bases are 1" across and most of the figures are about that high, although the special characters (above) are a wee bit taller.


I painted them all with Citadel paints and a hairy stick, no airbrush work apart from primer and varnish. That made the whole process nice and relaxing and quite contemplative. For all that it's taken me a while to finish, they aren't that hard to paint and most goblins took a couple of evenings. I think the squigs were a bit more involved, and the characters rather more so as they had more interesting things to paint like Drizgit's branding iron and charcoal burner, and Zarbag's caged fairy.



I'm particularly fond of Drizgit who has an incredibly world-weary look, but even the basic arrer gits have their appeal.



I now need to paint Mollog the Troll, who will complete another warband with more squigs - see the ongoing WIP thread for details.


Cheers and thanks for looking!



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There you go! Looking really good all together. You managed to stay true to your painting style while not making them all look alike. Clearly a sign of an experienced miniatures painter.

When I started, Warhammer models were among the best fantasy and SciFi miniatures one could get, and they were available at every corner. Though back then it was mostly metal (which I still prefer) and often had really bad moldlines. I take it they got the quality way up since going completely to plastic. I feel Games Workshop is the only company to manage to produce constantly really cool stuff with digital modelling. I do very much prefer handsculpted models over that, but I fear those will be a thing of the past quite soon.

I am really happy to see confrontation will be re-released with many of the old miniatures recast in metal. Those I think had even more style then Warhammer.


Edit: Just seen - It wood be great to add bowstrings for the archers.

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