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1/48 Tamiya Beaufighter Regia Aeronautica

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Hi everyone, I decided some weeks ago to start this new adventure, building the Beau captured in Sicily.


The kit is a Tamiya with a Alley Cat conversion and Eduard photo edge....The kit is easy to build and present no particular problems...





















More progress in a few days....













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Hi everyone.


Just finished the interiors with a few photo edges because it was very poor...


Here's a few pictures, stay tuned....











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Hi Gizpo, very interesting subject! I never knew Regia Aeronautica captured a Beaufighter! Can you give some more info’s or (better)  some pics! I’ll follow you with great interest.


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"pulling up a seat"Built one of these many moons ago it was an enjoyable build. Watching this build so far brings back fond  memories. I will follow this to its conclusion.



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