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1/72 Revell Tornado ECR Tiger Meet 2011/12

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My most recent completion, totally exhausted with the effort that went into decaling on this project.


First off, the build. Pretty straight forward, fit was okay (but not a patch on Japanese and, more recently, some of the newer Korean engineering). There are quite a number of sink marks in the plastic though - perhaps due to the age of the molds themselves? I didn't worry about these too much as the markings would tend to draw the eye anyway. Almost completely OOB, only aftermarket used were the Master Model pitot tube and AOA sensors.


Now the decals. I've heard that these are Cartograf - if so, thank goodness! My kit had an old and yellowed decal sheet. Quite a few were brittle and shattered on application. I suspect that being Cartograf they had some inherent strength which limited the number and severity of breakages. Even so, there were many hours spent playing decal jigsaw on a minute sub-millimetre scale. I ended up using Mr Color Levelling Thinners sprayed through the airbrush as the decal setting agent (after first applying Mr Mark Softer and then Micro Sol!).


I restrained myself with regards to the weathering, this is a show-bird after all, but felt some oil streaks and stains on the underside were in order.


Anyhoo, enough with my rambling... on with the pics!
























As always, thanks for looking :bye:

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This is excellent! A real tribute gto your building- and painting-skills. I love the special schemes that the Germans put on their Tornadoes. I would argue that their paint-designs are some of the best ever. 


Thanks for sharing with us. 



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Really nice, the weathering looks perfect, I've made a few of these special scheme german Tornados before and the decal work can get a bit much at times!



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Awesome work!

The cracking-apart of the decals would've driven me to the loudest swearing imaginable.

A great testament to your excellent skills and perseverance.

Superb modelling!


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