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1967 F1 Lotus 49

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Lotus Ford 49

Jim Clark, Dutch Grand Prix, 1967


Lotus 49 Ebbro 009


Ebbro 1/20th basically straight from the box. Strangely, the steering track rod needed lengthening to prevent a very toed-in look. Also added ignition wiring and fuel injector pipes on the engine.  I toyed with the idea of masking and spraying the yellow stripe but chickened out - and I'm glad I did as the kit decal worked far better than I expected. With huge doses of Microsol it even curled around inside that nose cone. And yes, I know, the chromed wheels are OTT but hey - they look good like that!


Lotus 49 Ebbro 010


Lotus 49 Ebbro 014



Lotus 49 Ebbro 018


Lotus 49 Ebbro 019


Lotus 49 Ebbro 005


Lotus 49 Ebbro 002




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