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Red Flag 83-4: 480th Tac Fighter Squadron

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F-4Es of the 480th Tac Fighter Squadron, 52nd Tac Fighter Wing out of Spangdahlem AB at Nellis AFB for Red Flag exercise, June 1983.



71-0247 480tfs SP KLSV 19830611 12cr



74-1044 480tfs SP KLSV 19830611 21cr



74-1048 480tfs SP KLSV 19830611 05cr



74-1049 480tfs SP KLSV 19830611 08cr



74-1050 480tfs SP KLSV 19830611 18cr



74-1057 480tfs SP KLSV 19830611 15cr


74-1057 480tfs SP KLSV 19830611 16cr


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Looks like they had fairly recently transitioned to the low-viz markings. It's obvious on all of them that the older stars-and-bars had been overpainted and new ones sprayed on.

I was a flight chief on F-4Es at George AFB at this time. I don't remember if we had begun the changeover to Euro 1 from the SEA scheme, but it was coming. The A-10s visible in some of the photos were already wearing it. 

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