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French Citroen 11cv colours 1940


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Hi everybody. I"ve just started tamiya's 1/48 11cv. I don"t use tamiya colours. Does anyone know what the interior colour should be?? 

I'm building the french option. What is the exterior green colour?? 

Thx for any info


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If you search "citroen traction avant interior" in your favourite search engine there are loads of pictures on line.  There are certainly some green interiors, but hard to tell if they match green exteriors.


Leave off "interior" and you'll find many more exterior pictures.  Picking those of the correct model year might be difficult.  Most of the pictures seem to be of post-war models, unsurprisingly as many more were made post-war than before.  The post-war green seems to have been a Brunswick Green, not unlike the old Humbrol gloss green.


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