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Tristar 1/35 Flak38 PzKpfw 38(t)

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Hi All,


After 2 months my Tristar Flakpanzer is finished. I added an RB barrel, Masterclub tracks (amazing!) and painted it with Gunze and Tamiya acrylics. This kit, while complicated and fiddly had PERFECT fit... yes, perfect. Everything lined up beautifully. The 4 piece etched shell basket drove me mad at times but I wrestled the sucker into submission.

I based my kit on a few photos I found on the web of a newly completed Flak38 which had little to no weathering and the early drive sproket. Interestingly, as this is the Hobbyboss repop of the Tristar kit it only comes with the early sprocket whereas the Tristar had the late.

Hope you like the result:









More pics here: http://www.timboth.com/models/armour/Flakpanzer/Flakpanzer.htm


Thanks for looking.




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