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Advise on products for ocean ship diorama


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I am new to creating dioramas so was wondering if anyone can recommend products for a ocean diorama which will involve a submarine and aircraft carrier please?

Something like this.


6b7748b5ec132415d6d334792a5acfdf.jpg http://blog.naver.com/PostThumbnailView.nhn?




I think I can use an epoxy resin and some acrylics but if someone can kindly offer further advise that would be great.





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Hi Dee,


There was a lot of discussion and trial and error regarding sea-scapes on both my ‘HMAS AE2’ build and my ‘RMS Carpathia’ build - both in WIP threads in the maritime section. I would suggest starting by searching britmodeller for ‘Carpathia’


My results aren’t nearly as good as in the example shown but I think the WIP thread is fairly clear and would allow you to reach my low standards fairly easily. There are also some maritime modelling experts that chipped in along the way so you can follow them up.


Failing that, google ‘Chris Floodberg’ - he’s the guru!


Best Regards,

Bandsaw Steve

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