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Wingnut Wings - Shorts Felixstowe F.2a Early, Great Yarmouth, 1918

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On 12/22/2019 at 4:54 AM, MikeC said:

That is superb, well done.


After all the whisky, rude words, etc, you still want to do another one?  That is true devotion.



Being a glutton for punishment, the first build was a huge learning curve! Hopefully putting the points learnt into building the late one... at some point. When I can actually look at the box! 😂


Merry Christmas everyone! 


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On 12/21/2019 at 12:24 PM, Chris Jephcott said:

Hi there,


With great pleasure - it’s mainly decal related. I used Aviattic Decals (aged CDL) for the overall effect. But before you can put them down, you need to work on the base so that the effects are shown through. 

Now sadly, I had a technology meltdown and lost all my photos of this work... but I’ll try and remember now.


Step 1: Flat White base. Just cover the entire surface. No need to be shy! 

Step 2: slight mottling back using an off-white colour. I used mr colour for this.


Step 3: the messy part! Using pigments, (I used a brown one!), go over the rib tapes and a little bit each side. Rub in a circular motion until blended nicely. as long as the main rib tape is “standing out”, that worked for me. 

Step 4: Gloss coat to protect the work


Step 5: Mask the individual ribs and spray very thin white over the raised details. Just enough so you can still a small bit of the pigment work on the ribs. I found 4/5 passes was enough at a low pressure. 

Step 6: Remove the masking tape, and touch up any areas you’re not happy with using white paint. 

Step 7: Gloss coat 


Step 8: Cut and apply decals. Where there’s a edge, use Klear to flow between the wing and the decal to “seal it in”


Step 9: any additional weathering. Oil streaking? Etc..


I think that was about it! I hope this helps, please feel free to ask any questions you might have!!



Brilliant, thanks for indulging me!

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