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MiG-15bis Soviet Airforce 59th Air Army Wiener Neustadt West 1955 1/48

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from the fantastic 50s NATO v Warsaw Pact in Europe GB:


still time to vote gents if you'd like  by the way!!!



just learned recently that MiGs were based in Austria in force once!!

 around 40-50 MiG-15s were based there in the 1950ies!




Soviet Airforce 59th Air Army

Wiener Neustadt West Airbase ~1950-1955 

Trumpeter 1/48

Master pitot and canons

Cold War Studio fin correction









some contemporary photos...







I'd really like to see a photo of an Austria based MiG-15!!!


so if you have any hint on where to find one.....


thanks for stopping here and leaving a comment!






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On 6/6/2019 at 12:22 AM, 28ZComeback said:

One of the best Mig-15s ever presented on these pages. How did you get the realistic bare metal?? 

Not so sure about the first one ;) but thanks!


It is Alclad airframe aluminium for most of the airframe directly sprayed on the plastic. Then a clear coat and a thik brown oilw wash and some touchups.

Looks quite nice in real life as well :)




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