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Here's my 1/48 HS-129 by Esci (not the newest or best, but it was a 'wear and weathering' experiment)


Hope you like ...
























 Build and weathering found here ...




Thanks for looking,



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You've done a bang-up job on that old ESCI kit!  I have one too, built years ago.  I'm a bit embarrassed to show her now that I've seen this one!  Very nice indeed!! 🍻


As an aside-I entered two tank models in a contest some years ago.  The contest was also open to WWII ground-attack aircraft.  On a whim, I entered my 129.  As luck would have it, it was displayed next to a Hasegawa version of the Hs-129, built by one of central Texas most accomplished modelers, Milton Bell.  Oh, man.  His plane made my bird look like a push-toy that might emit sparks when pushed along the floor!  


In fact, this is his contest entry:



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Thanks everybody, This was a quick, fun build just for the purpose of playing with the painting effects. I think I learned a bit from this that I will use on my future builds. 

 As they say, one step forward ...



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