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With the Typhoon finally done its time to pick the next build. I recently listed my entire stash (who's size is a well kept secret) to ScaleMates .One of the nice things about that is I now have some statistics. It turns out the most popular kit in my stash is ..... Spitfire - 9 kits of different models. I looked up my work room stash and noticed a pair of Spitfires - a Fujimi one and an ICM.

A double-build came to mind but when I open the kits and cleaned them up it became very clear that these are way too different to allow that. The Fujimi is a 80' era, ~20 so parts, very crude and simple and rumor has it it's not even 1/48.  The ICM on the other parts has probably the most detailed 1/48 spitfire out there with lots of parts and options.


So, it won't be a double-build but I will try to start them together and see how it goes.

You can follow up on the ICM build here. 


The Fujumi is VERY simple:












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You know how it is - building beats writing every time. At least for me.

I'be been doing some building but was not able to bring myself to sit down and write.

So here goes.


This is a very basic kit - to say the least. It's also adorned with flash, ill-placed gates and very soft plastic.


I did spend some time painting the pilot figure - which I will put this time (first) as the cockpit is just .... when - empty.



I did add some scratch behind the "cockpit" bulkhead - as it can be seen even through the close canopy




The cockpit is not wide enough to sit tight in the fuselage - resulting in a very low stance - or a very very short pilot:



4Z1OMW9l.jpg   JLrkudKl.jpg


Dealing with the various seems was not that easy as the soft plastic makes the allignment of parts a problem.


This time I opted to use liquid mask instead of masking tape for the canopy - mainly due to its small size and Very pronounced frame.


Pre shading:

x1pMvBPl.jpg yvRgxYpl.jpg


I then moved my attention to the exhaust stacks. I'm working on these together with the stacks of the other spitfire I'm building.




Base painting with Silver/Aluminum:


The pinkish hue is just due to lighting.


Following a heavy brown wash of oil paint.



Still not happy with that.

I could also use help with how to drill these pesky small stacks.


Till next time



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