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Hawker Hunter Brass undercarriage set (for Airfix 1:48)

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Hawker Hunter Brass undercarriage set (for Airfix)

1:48 AeroCraft Models




By now you've probably noticed there was a Hunter theme going on yesterday.  We reviewed the flying surfaces here, and the corrected pylons here, and now it's time to finish the triple with the landing gear, or undercarriage as we sometimes call it.  As usual with AeroCraft sets, it arrives in a ziplok bag, with the brass parts within a smaller one to prevent chaffing between the disparate materials.


Inside the bag are five brass parts and one resin part.  The main gear legs are ostensibly the same as the kit parts only stronger, but the nose gear leg has been strengthened and augmented to improve its accuracy, with the new resin nose wheel of the correct spoked type.  The brass parts give you extra strength in that department, and I'm sure everyone's had some kind of gear breakage in the past due to mishandling or weakness in the original design.  You will need to remove the casting gates that have already been nipped off, which you can do simply by sanding them smooth with a good quality file.  While you're doing that, any slight imperfection and mould seams can be cleaned off too, leaving you with a smart and strong set of gear.  The resin wheel is cast within a thin wafer that can be scraped/cut off with a sharp blade, and then any left-overs sanded away with a fine grade stick for a much more detailed and strong nose wheel.


Highly recommended.




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