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Hawker Hunter Ailerons, Flaps and Air Brake set (for Airfix 1:48)

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Hawker Hunter Ailerons, Flaps and Air Brake set (for Airfix)

1:48 Aerocraft




We've finally got a new tool Hunter in 1:48, and it's from our local (British) model company too.  What could be better?  Well, a bit of extra detail is always welcome, especially if you're planning to mess around with the flying surfaces.  The kit parts are fine for what they do, but if you're popping them out to "dirty up" the airframe, there's a bit of detail missing.  Here comes Ali with a new set to correct just that omission.


The set arrives in an unassuming ziplok bag, and inside are five pieces of resin, each on their own pouring block, with a wafer of flash helping to protect the delicate areas like the hinges.  The parts are drop-in replacements for the kit parts, and just need removing from their blocks, which should be easy, as they are attached along the thin trailing edges.  The new ailerons have the correct outline, while the flaps are detailed inside with rib and stringer details, and finally the air-brake part has had its tricky ejector-pin marks removed from between the ribs, and a little extra detail added that was missing.  Overall, a worthwhile addition to your model.


Highly recommended.




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