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Hi everybody,


Here are the final pictures of this little Hawk Airfix. A simple kit to assemble but which requires some improvements if you want to detail to a minimum, Eduard is very useful at this level even if all the parts are not useful. The finishes are made with some oil paint stains and some watercolor pencils, I remain pretty soft anyway.
See what the Revell kit will look like in comparison.

















Hope you like.


Cheers Joel

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One of the best Hawk builds I have seen in quite a while! Which Airfix kit did you use, if I may ask? Not familiar with the Airfix Hawk kits- did any of them come with the option for extended flaps, or did you make that modification to your model? I love the scheme you chose, BTW!


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Thank's a lot Guys☺️


For Mike, i use this kit of Airfix with some Xtradecals and Eduard photoetched. Unfortunaly i don't know any kit of hawk with the flaps extended in 72° scale.




For the extended flaps i use resin parts from CMK, the flaps cut out on the model and a rectangle of plasticard.


You can read the wip here (in french sorry):



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On 5/29/2019 at 10:02 AM, docjojo said:

You can read the wip here (in french sorry):

Aucun probleme! Les photos disent tout! (I LOVE Google translator!)

Merci! Or, as we say here in Texas, "Much obliged, podnuh!"


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