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(Another) 1/24 Airfix Hurricane Mk.1. Small update 09/11/19

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Hey everyone


Sorry for the total lack of updates over the past few months but we have had a lot of work carried out on the house, I've been working away and life has been very hectic in general.

I have been watching (as many of you have) Johnny's (The Spadgent) rather splendid Hurricane build and pining to carry out some work on mine for quite a long time now and last week I managed to make a start on the port gun bay and this evening I managed to almost finish it. I trawled the internet for pictures of a Hurricane gun bay and managed to find one or two rather detailed shots. The Airfix rendition is rather good OOB (other than those awkward injector pin marks grrrrrrrr) but I decided to add a little more detail by adding the solenoid's to each gun, their control cables, some other pipe work in the gun bay plus the plate that sits behind the gun breeches and houses the connections for the gun control cables (does that make sense?)





49037395936_458d0af51d_o 49037395716_06b57cbf69_o 49037395666_c8c128e5c4_o

I have to say bravo to Airfix coz when the gun bay is fitted into the wing it looks (to my eye's anyway) pretty blinking good!

49036943103_397aa11dba_o 49036943078_04783483b6_o 49036943068_4eb96b3efa_o

I have done a little more work on the cockpit by adding some bracing to the front of the cockpit frame work but that guys and gals is pretty much it.


Cheers all



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Nice work Iain, lovely attention to detail. 


Nice to see you back too! 

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Morning all


Going back to my port gun bay I was looking at some of the reference material that I have gathered on the Hurricane and I noticed that I had omitted what appear to be retaining pins that keep the ammunition bins attached to the guns..

Copy of IMG_1784

Hawker Restorations


Hawker Restorations

You can see them in both of these pictures of the beautifully restored R4118 (the loops of metal behind the ammo chutes). So I decided late last night to add them to mine..

P1040193 P1040191

And a couple of pictures showing the state of play for the rest of the build. I've added some home brew decals to the cockpit, the undercarriage selector to be precise and some bracing to the area 

underneath the front fuel tank...

P1040195 P1040196

And a picture of the emergency knock out / maintenance panel..


I want to redo the Merlin as I think I can improve on it (pretty much like Johnny did) and I've acquired some bits and pieces to that end.


Cheers everyone and have a great Sunday.



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Lord, built one of these many, many years ago. Recall it wasn't a particularly pleasurable experience, but after reading this thread, I might just have to see if it's worth a re-match

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