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Saratoga Air Wing video, 1965


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Got this from a longtime friend,  model builder, and former college classmate. Some classic USN props/jets, including S2F's, A-4's, F-4's, F8U's, A-5's, and SH2 Seasprites. I noticed none of the A-4's, F8U's, or A-5's had red-edged landing gear doors, but slat coves, flaps, and speedbrakes did appear to have red  applied. I hope you enjoy this British Pathe video!





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Heinemann's Hot Rods, Vigilantes, Phantoms,... Great stuff! Thank you for sharing Mike🙂


I was impressed to see (at 0:12) four Skyhawks fueling other aircraft and still flying in formation. Not for those who have just earned their wings...




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It amazes me that any of that could be accomplished without unstinting female supervision. Was there even a multigender loo on that boat?

Edited by Jackson Duvalier
Lovely panorama of downtown Jacksonville at 5:55
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14 hours ago, Corsairfoxfouruncle said:

Thanks Mike, a lot of that looks very familiar to me. I spent 8 days on the Forrestal (CV-59) in 1990. The Saratoga (CV-60) was a sister ship in the class so the layouts were similar. 

Wow! Back at ya! My dad took me aboard the Lexington, CV16, in '56 at Yokosuka when we were stationed in Japan ...it was a thrill to stand on her deck again in '97 at Corpus Christi when we got to spend the week end aboard her with my son's cub scout troop....brought back a lot of memories and she still looked so big! Had HUP's, AD's, and F9F-6's back in 1956, IIRC.  Not nearly as big as the Sara, though!



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