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Warhammer 40K - Boomdakka Snazzwagon

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Something a bit different. I don't do much Warhammer or 40K these days but I saw this Ork "Boomdakka Snazzwagon" in one of the Games Workshops shop windows and took a liking to it.


It's actually pretty well engineered everything seems to stick together very nicely with only minimal tidying up with scalpel and abrasives.



Quite a posh set of instructions and a single sprue of plastic bits. Minor criticism here the numbering of the components is based on the instructions not on the position on the sprue. So part 45 might be at one corner of the sprue and part 46 in the middle on the opposite side. Irritating, but nothing more.


So, decided to prime the bits of the vehicle black whilst still on the sprue. I wouldn't normally but it seemed a logical step and it has largely worked as I intended that most of the vehicle would be "bare metal" with metal edges to the armour plate. It is quite an intricate model and I have tried to make sure that the bits that will ultimately be hidden are given as much attention as the bits on the outside.


Progress has been slow as painting pretty much has to be done as things progress. You could stick it all together and paint it later but I don't think it would be successful.




Colour scheme will be largely red and white with the different metallic colours.


The driver is going to be challenging as he is leaning out of the vehicle with a "Molotov Cocktail" in his right hand and he is moulded to his seat. I'm debating whether to stick his arms on before or after painting and before or after installing him in the vehicle (his left hand grips the steering wheel, obviously Orks drive on the same side of the carriageway as us Brits!)




Wheels just popped on to the axles and by no means finished.




That is an undercoat for the red areas and still some washes required on the metallics.


More, eventually!

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1 hour ago, DalekCheese said:


a) how much?

b)will the wheel spikes be silver? If so, I’d consider bronze.

Thank you


a) I bought it from Wayland Games for £21.87 (£27.50 in GW stores)



b) Not decided yet, will certainly be picked out as some sort of metallic

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Saw one of these at Telford IPMS  Show in 2017{or was it 2018) (in the sci -fi  section) and although it does not fly MY Kite I appreciated how AWESOME it looked.


And yours,Sir, looks STUPENDOUS ...very nice work and FLAWLESS from here..




Liking the colors and axles looks NEAT.  :goodjob:



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A little progress to report


I was looking at the box art and they have painted a chequered pattern on the bodywork and I was trying to work out how to do it and thought, stuff it let's do something different. So, I thought "Hot Rod" and then flames...




So I repainted the red oxide as plain white and drew in the flames first in yellow then adding orange and finally red to give the flame look




I then blocked in the background in black leaving a fine white line around the flames, the skull was picked out in "Brass" and will need toning down a little.




And this is the piece propped loosely on the front of the "Boomdakka Snazzwagon"


Yeah, I'm happy with that and what Ork wouldn't be happy to ride in it?




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Starting to come together...




There is a lot of this kit that has to be painted before assembly and the driver is the most obvious example of this. He come in four parts, body, right arm, left arm and left knuckles. His left arm attaches to the left knuckles which are moulded onto the steering wheel. You then need to stick the body, which is moulded onto the base of the seat into the vehicle and then attach the arm and steering wheel. This is FIDDLY! The right arm holding a flaming molotov cocktail will be added later. The seat back now attaches to the seat base/body.


The guys who designed this model have had a lot of fun, there is so much detail on the model a lot of it will be lost when the model is complete. You can just about make out the skull moulded onto the Steering wheel boss!


There is some tidying to do, I note I have scuffed paint in a couple of areas, I need to get some black wash over those teef. A few things. I might embellish the "hot rod flames" further on that panel. 

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But, the photographs (this one aside) are rubbish. I generally just use a little compact digital camera and get some decent enough photographs but these all suffered from depth of field problems. I will need to open the aperture and use some sort of tripod or other support for a longer exposure, I may even have to charge up the DSLR.


Anywho I will get some more piccies over the weekend and post a proper "Ready For Inspection" post for your delectation along with my thoughts on the kit. Watch this space.


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16 hours ago, Rumblestripe said:

I may even have to charge up the DSLR.

I nearly always use my DSLR as I can more easily adjust the pictures post-capture.

It' s quite an old camera now (Canon EOS 30D) with only 8 mega-pixels, but I feel I get a better quality initial image.


Just my 2p worth...

Cheers, Alan

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Looking great, I love the flames!

To get more depth of field, close the aperture ("bigger" F numbers, e.g. f/16) rather than opening it (smaller F numbers, e.g. f/4) and if you don't have that option or can't get good focus try setting the camera further back from the model. You can always crop the image down afterwards.





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On 6/19/2019 at 11:21 AM, Will Vale said:

To get more depth of field, close the aperture ("bigger" F numbers, e.g. f/16) rather than opening it

Yes you are quite right of course. To see the finished model it's up in "Ready For Inspection" now...



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