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Pegasus Hobbies Focke Wulf Fw 190A-3

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Pegasus Hobbies Fw 190A-3. I had bought this kit with all the pieces out of their sprues (but with all the pieces being present) and without the original decals (it came with two sets of badly stored ones). I used Eaglecals decals for the Fw 190A-2/A-3 in 1:48 to represent a plane used by Schlg 1 in the Eastern Front. You can look this plane up on Google as "Fw 190A-3 jagdbomber a."

I used a Hasegawa 190 bomb rack, and a Bf 109 bomb.








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4 hours ago, Ham Hands said:

Very nice indeed. The 190 is always a great.


Well done!




1 hour ago, stevehnz said:

A super Fw190. I do like that colour scheme. :)


Thank you both of you!

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