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Spitfire Mk.I & Bf.109G Brass Landing Gear (for Tamiya)

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Spitfire Mk.I & Bf.109G-6 Brass Landing Gear (for Tamiya)

1:48 AeroCraft Models




Tamiya have retooled their 1:48 offerings of this iconic duo lately (geologically speaking), and Ali at AeroCraft has created a pair of new landing gear legs to strengthen the models substantially so that they stand up to the handling that will doubtless occur if you intend to show off those magnetically-secured removable cowling panels.  They will also be useful if you're planning on decking out your Tamiya kit with all the extras that have been coming out from Eduard and the like.  Both sets arrive in their own little Ziplok bag with a card that states what they are, and they're usually cocooned within a little bubble-wrap envelope then shipped in a letter box friendly flat box so you don't have to wonder if you'll get them on time.



Spitfire Mk.I Undercarriage (Tamiya)

The Spit's main legs are moulded as a single part like the kit's legs, but with them being brass they're a lot tougher, and can stand up to the rigours of daily life as a model.  The tail wheel is moulded into its yoke and has a long strut that fits into the rear of the fuselage underside.  Both parts have a couple of pouring gates that have already been nipped off, and just need a good quality file to remove the residue and flat it back to where it should be.






Messerschmitt Bf.109G-6 Undercarriage (Tamiya)

This set consists of four parts, including the two main wheels, which have a long bar that keeps them at the correct angle in the bay, and at the other end a receiver for the wheel parts.  Whatever you do though, don't be tempted to remove the little spigots on the top of the bar, as those are there to help fix the part in place.  There are two tail wheel parts to match the two bay options, so be careful to use the correct one.







Not only are these nicely detailed, but they are also priced keenly to make the transition to tougher brass parts easier on the wallet.  Unless you're wedded to 100% OOB, there's not much reason to hold back unless you're flat broke.


Highly recommended.


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