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Hi all, as promised on the WIP thread (see here if you wish to take a look) some RFI pics of my first ever foray into foiling to achieve a bare metal finish. In fact, to the best of my knowledge it's very probably my first attempt at a metal finish of any kind, ever!


As far as the kit goes it was a good a fit as any I've built in recent times, and apart from the comedy tram lines in place of panel lines, it's a very nice kit. Not overly burdened with detail to be fair, but for that reason it was the ideal kit to learn about what can be achieved by foiling. A few areas where the cut was too close to the edge meant that some touching-in was necessary with some Tamiya flat aluminium paint, but other than that I was quite pleased with how it turned out. I suspect the decals haven't stuck to the metal very well, though - I guess a brief waft with some thinned Klear or similar would probably protect them without compromising the metal sheen too much. All in all, I enjoyed the learning process of foiling very much, and I'm confident that I shall be entertaining another similar subject in due course!


Anyway, to the pics - hope you enjoy them!

















Comments and criticisms, as ever, most welcome.




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Hi Clive,


great result indeed. I love the finish of your MiG-15!

Which Airfix kit is this? The hallowed relic that came out around the time of the battle of Borodino, or the "new tool"?

Whatever, I am impressed.


Super well done!




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Thanks JR, much appreciated! 


I think it's a relatively new tool from the look of it and the general cleanliness of the mouldings.




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Thanks Corsair F4U and Hairtrigger. It's a good kit for learning on, apart from the fences on the wings. I would imagine that the Airfix F86 Sabre would offer a similarly good opportunity.

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