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News Update from Atlantic Models

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Hi Everyone,

I thought it about time that some news about what has been happening at Atlantic Models should be forthcoming. My apologies for not being lax and not bringing in the updates as they happen.

First, I will start with the most recent additions to the Narrow Seas Range. I have been gradually refitting the former WEM patterns and replacing the Photo Etched parts sets in a lot of the kits.

I have now completed the British Vosper and Faimile D  MTBs and MGBs with the first four, Vosper 70' MTB 57, Vosper 73' MTB 379,  Fairmile D MGB 660 and Fairmile D MTB794  being now available.

These can be viewed in the Narrow Seas Range section of the main website.


It is now 70 years since HMS Amethyst was involved in what has become known as the Yangtse Incident which culminated in her night time escape from under noses of the PLA forces in July 1949 after being held captive in the river for 3 months.

I now have a kit of HMS Amethyst  (Black Swan class Frigate) available in 1/350 scale as ATK 35014 in the Cold War Range of kits.  There is also HMS Consort ATK 35013 a CO Class Destroyer which bravely attempted to tow the Amethyst from the mud bank,when she grounded after the initial attack.


Recent additions to the Photo Etch range are the 1/600 scale detail sets for HMS Fearless ATEM 60012  which also cover her sister ship Intrepid and will fit the 1960s era Airfix kit.  The HMS Daring detail set ATEM 60013 helps to enhance the 1950s vintage Airfix kit.     

Something a bit different is the set of Merchant Ship and Ocean Liner Railings and Ladders set in 1/600 scale, specially designed for the 1/600 scale Airfix and 1/570 scale Revell kits. This is a comparatively large set for large ships.

In 1/500 Scale is the HMS Royall Sovereign detail set ATEM 50008  that is designed to fit the original FROG kit that has been reincarnated many times since under various names. This set gives extra parts to assist modelling the other Battleships of the R class.


Well that's all for now folks.  I will hopefully keep up with the updates in the future and make sure you are informed of anything new as it comes along.

All the best

Mad Pete Hall

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