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C-17A Globemaster III ANIGRAND 1/72

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Good God. 


I built the Combat vac a few years ago and thought I had my work cut out, but this is in a different class. 


Absolutely mind blowing! Can’t wait to see more. 



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Wow this is off the charts. Tom Probert mentioned his C-17 and that was magnificent. But this takes that piece of art even further. I mean this is truly excellent modeling with

extreme attention to detail...thanks for sharing.


All the Best!


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The amount of work spent on correcting and detailing is truly impressive. The painting is also very nice.

I would have gone nuts with duplicating all these seats in the cargo :christmas:


How did you do the cargo floor ? It looks like you made your own PE.



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Words fail me at this point- my head is still spinning after looking at all the WIP photos you posted; the wing flaps, interior, and engine nacelles defy description! You are a modeler, sir, definitely not an assembler! Incredible workmanship and attention to detail. At the same time, very disappointing to see how far off the Anigrand kit is from the real thing- but sadly, not uncommon for one their releases! Can't wait to see the RFI photos!


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4 minutes ago, pacificmustang said:

expect the same from yours @Romeo Alpha Yankee!!

Hardly, time to chuck mine and wait for the Kinetic kit I think.


Such masterful work there podciech, I have been working on mine for 10 years and have not done half the things you have done with yours.


Thanks very much for sharing! :thumbsup:

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Not sure that the words 'awesome', 'masterful', 'exceptional', 'fantastic', 'superb', 'work of art', 'incredible', 'impressive', 'brilliant', 'unbelievable', a-ma-zing', 'magnificent', 'mind blowing', actually give credit to the quality of this build!


Best I can come up with begins with F, contains two words and the second word ends with L!


Is there any Anigrand resin actually left?



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1 hour ago, Tony C said:

Is there any Anigrand resin actually left?

Yes, that'll be the dust on the workbench !!!!

Seriously though, what a display of pure modelling artistry.


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Must be getting jaded, not had many 'wow' moments after 12 years frequenting these forums, but this was a mahoosive one.


Impressive doesn't really cut it. Astonishing work, my jaw dropped further as I scrolled down the page! (Scraping it off the floor right now!)



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Thank you very much to everyone.

17 hours ago, toniosky said:

Jak zrobiłeś podłogę bagażową? Wygląda na to, że zrobiłeś swój własny PE.

The floor is made of 0.5 mm hips. I put on it cut strips of sandpaper 1200. Wire clamps 0.25mm

7 hours ago, Space Ranger said:

Gdzie można znaleźć zestaw tych planów?

Plans can be found in the model magazine "MODELARZ " from 1999


9 hours ago, Tony C said:

Czy jest jakaś żywica Anigrand?

Tony, I'm sorry but the translator does not explain well and I do not understand the questions.

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