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What thinners , ratio, nozzle and psi for tamiya semi gloss varnish ?

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Tamiya x35 semi gloss clear,

what thinners to get best results ?

ratio ?   (please say x varnish to y thinners, not just 5:1 which I see in threads and drives me nuts !)

psi ?

nozzle ?

distance and spray width at surface ?


all these elements are vital. all can be won or lost on wrong spray distance and psi nozzle etc.

I have heard of using Cellulose, when mentioning halfords, get told no, use Mr H cellulose (self levelling thinners)



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There is no 'magic' answer to all of your questions. It depends on your setup, airbrush type, many things. Experimentation is the key to success. The ratio is very simple to understand 5:1 is 5 parts paint to 1 part thinners. The 'parts' can be any quantity you like. Litres, gallons, drops, millilitres, whatever you want. For example in millilitres 5:1 would be 5ml of paint to 1ml of thinner. 5:2 is 5ml paint to 2ml of thinner, 5:5 would be 5ml of paint to 5ml of thinner (equal amounts) you get the idea.

Best thinner is Tamiya X-20a. I would start at 1:1, that's equal amounts of clear and thinner, 20psi, 0.5mm nozzle 2-6 inches distance from surface. But practice because as I said there is no set formula, you have to find what works best for you!! 

Mr Hobby levelling thinner is not cellulose. It's much less hot. You can wipe it on plastic without damaging the plastic. Cellulose will melt the plastic...

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