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Fw 190D-9 Late Eduard 1:48 my first English job !!!

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Hi everyone.


I've just finished my first English job, the Fw 190D-9 Late Nr.500647, abandoned on February 1945 near Celle....


I've been moved since the past September but just myself and now I have my family, a house and a "small cave" to make modeling.


The model came without wings and i had to wait several weeks until Eduard was providing to send me the part....


At the moment i have a small space and just studying a solution to take decent pictures, my apologies for the horrible quality....


















If someone from Ilkley wants to meet me, please send me a message, I'll be happy to meet another Britmodeller member..


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You seem to have settled in very nicely. Excellent build. I know the feeling about meeting other modellers. I don't know anyone here. We tend to stick to ourselves. Thanks to the internet you can have many friends and location doesn't matter. This is what I like about BM.

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Thank You Greg, I came from Dominican Republic even if I'm Italian and all Saturdays we had a reunion with the modellers in my restaurant, normally between 10 to 25 people....


I strongly believe in meet people, every time i had the opportunity to meet someone i've start a friendship and my desire to make modeling had grown....

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Hi Gizpo,

                 I'm afraid I can't help in person being in New Zealand. I'm almost as far as I can be from you.  

My daughter has married into an Italian family in Australia. Good people and they look after and

her family very well. I have a 6 year old grand daughter that reminds be of some of the ladies

in the wall paints from Pompeii. She is very cute and a terror at the same time. 🙂

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