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Gidday All, this is a model I did last December, finishing very early in January this year. It is a ficticious vessel, a whiffed model converted from an Airfix 'HMS Manxman' kit in 1/600 scale. These ships were very fast mine-layers that doubled up as blockade runners to Malta and Tobruk. This ship was bombed by Stuka dive bombers and suffered heavy damage to the forward boiler room. She survived and was converted to a convoy AA escort vessel with considerably increased AA capability. She also acted as a rescue ship for the crews of sunken ships, hence her generous supply of rafts, either requisitioned from the dockyard or pilfered by some of the more piratical members of the crew.

       I did quite a lot of alterations to the model. I added another twin 4-inch mounting and HA (high angle) director plus replaced the original director above the bridge, scratch built radar for the directors, enhanced the bridge and masts, removed number one funnel and replaced number two, scratch built twin Bofor 40mm and single Oerlikon 20mm guns and their gun-pits, depth-charge racks and other assorted changes and additions.


     Ladies and Gentlemen, HMS Antiope, 1943

HMS Antiope 1943 jm2 HMS Antiope 1943 jm6 HMS Antiope 1943 jm5 HMS Antiope 1943 jm7 HMS Antiope 1943 jm10

   As a whiff I was able to let my imagination run a bit, but I think she is still reasonably authentic. Plus I enjoyed building her.

Regards, Jeff.

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