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1/72 Eduard MiG-21MF Syrian Arab Air Force, c.1982.

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I was keen on receiving Eduard's new 1/72 MiG-21MF last year and got one as early as I could. 6 weeks and 50000 (not really, but you get the point) decals later, I was done with what I think is the best kit I have ever made.. Its beautifully engineered and has details that would blow your mind, but does make you work hard to achieve the fidelity it deserves. 


As profiled here before, the Profi-pack boxing comes with a variety of schemes, but I chose to build a MiG that was a true war-horse in the Middle East. Painted in the Znamya Truda camouflage in which several Arab Type-96s were delivered from the Soviet Union, it represents an aircraft of the Syrian Arab Air Force in the days leading up to the Lebanon War when they were outclassed and outgunned by the Israeli Air Force. Not deterred by the daunting challenges, Syrian pilots took the war to the Israelis and made the best use of their versatile and agile MiG-21. 


SyAAF is a shadow of its former self these days, but continues to be one of the most secretive air arms in the world. Their pilots and their MiG-21s continue to defend the homeland, but the enemy is very very different. If you are a MiG-21 aficionado, look no further than this kit.










Parked alongside my old Kopro MF. Incredible how far we have come with MiG-21 kits. 





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Outstanding!  You've done a great job with the Eduard MiG-21 ... and your rendition of the old KP kit is by no means shabby either.  Makes an interesting comparison though.

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I have this kit and now I want to build it.  I`ve always been interested in Syrian AF types, especially the Mig-21.  The color scheme is most attractive.  If the one I build has a fraction of the quality this one has, I`ll be very satisfied.  Outstanding results!!!!! 👍

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