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1/48 McDonnell F4H-1 Phantom

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My latest effort. This the Academy F-4B with the Brigade model resin conversion. Not the easiest conversion I've done. I had a little difficulty with the canopy and with the nose contours. The decals were a little fragile as well. Finished as prototype F4H-1 142259 with Xtracrylix Light Gull Grey on the top and Vallejo white undersides. Anyway, here it is.







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Excellent but really you can see why it was called  'Double Ugly' or 'Rhino' even at that stage. I remember reading something from an American commentator that it was so ugly that you might think it was British designed rather than American. 


Those Americans! What do they know. 



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I like this subject.  It would look perfect ( not that it doesn’t already ) with a collection of Phantoms. 


Very nice!!!!

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18 hours ago, RMCS said:

Superb  Kevin has pulled a blinder with that conversion set

I agree. The fit in general was excellent. Most of the cock-ups were entirely of my own making. The instructions could do with a bit of tweak in one or two areas though.


20 hours ago, exhausted said:

That's a pretty big undertaking and you did a great job! 


Any pictures of the build?

Sadly not. I'm not sure why I didn't to be honest.

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Fantastic work man, I have to hand it to you.  If I can make a small suggestion.  I would replace those US national insignia with some properly proportioned stars and bars from SuperScale or some other reputable decal manufacturer that has done early gray/white Phantoms.  You've put soooooooooooo much work into that model, it is a shame the national insignia are so substandard.  Then again you are free to tell me to jump off a cliff.  😀

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Looks very nice. Do you know where I can find this conversion? Hannants got a batch in but they sold out quickly.

I could probably pick you one up direct from the source, although I couldn’t promise when it would be available.  Postage to the USA would be on top - probably still a bit less than Hannants, but sales taxes and charges would be at your own risk.  PM me if you’re interested.

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