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Gloster Meteors on the civil register


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I was wondering if anyone knows of a source of decals for Meteors on the civil register, that is the prototype T. Mk. 7 plus the later marks operated by Ferranti and Rolls-Royce.

I have decided to focus on 1/72 nd scale, so I am disposing of my 1/32 nd Hong Kong models F4 with Fisher Pattern T7 conversion kit on eBay.

Many thanks for your help


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I have wanted to build the two carmine red Gloster owned aircraft for many years (F.4 G-AIDC & T.7 prototype G-AKPK) but the ivory fuselage script defeats my limited skills in decal making. Model Art did say once that they were going to do decals for these but I think they may have thought appeal might be limited. They never appeared anyway.

I thought I'd persuaded Special Hobby to do their F.4 and T.7 with these colours too but again, if they did think of it, it went on the back burner. Perhaps SH  or Model Art might see your post and reconsider. They would certainly be colourful models.

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