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RMS Carpathia, Scratchbuild, 1/500 Scale

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RMS Carpathia - 1/500 Scale - Scratchbuilt


I present for your viewing pleasure my recently completed model of RMS Carpathia. She is depicted as she may have appeared on the night of the 15 April 1912, the night that she sped to the rescue of the beleaguered survivors of the Titanic disaster.


The model is constructed from wood, brass, plastic-sheet and various other bits and pieces. It is completely scratchbuilt except for the lifeboats that are 3D printed.  The WIP thread that tracks the process of the construction of the model and the sea-scape can be found here:



I am quite pleased with the result - especially as the project took less than 4 months from start to finish. The model will be on display at next weekend's WASMEx scale model exhibition at Cannington community hall in Perth Western Australia. 


Thanks to everyone in the Britmodeller community for showing interest in this project.  All comments, criticisms and queries most welcome.


















Best Regards,

Bandsaw Steve 👍


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A wonderful build Steve.  :clap2:


The subject - associated with a famous moment in history, the ship model - well executed with just enough detail for the scale, the seascape - very realistic, and scratch built - does it get any better than that?  Well done! :yes::yes:





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Congratulations with a fantastic job done!

It’s when your model sits next to the coffee mug, one really sees how tiny it is ... It’s truly awesome.

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38 minutes ago, stevehnz said:

 a pity that Perth is a little too far to swing by this weekend,

Lift your game Stevehnz! It’s only a seven-hour flight! 🤨

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Gidday All, My life is now complete, fullfilled. I can die now knowing I have seen Nirvana - well, Carpathia anyway. In the flesh (or whatever the nautical equivalent is). Well done Steve and congratulations. Regards, Jeff.

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Steve, what a great result! I am looking forward to the final updates back in WIP to see how you finished her off!



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Deja vu


On 08/05/2019 at 20:38, Nils said:

Sooo, how did it go at the expo?


No real surprises Nils - same outcome as 2018. Carpathia was beaten into second spot fair and square by another sensational product of the local champion ship modeller 'GW'. This year he won with a 1/196 scale battlecruiser HMAS Australia which also, very deservedly won best Australian subject.




For those of you that remember my project from last year you might recall a very similar outcome when HMAS AE2 went head to head with HMS Vanguard.




Which means that on both occasions I went home with a silver medal. 




All of which is fine by me. I don't mind getting beaten be 'GW', he's a proper gentleman and wins by the fair application of superior skill and diligence.


You also might be interested to know that under WASMEx rules unless a model has been entered as a diorama or a vignette the judges must not pay any attention to the base. So in this category the sea-scape counts for nothing - which is fair enough as far as I'm concerned.


So, now it's back to the Avro 504K that you can see here:



GW doesn't do aircraft - except for those aeroplanes that grace the decks of his aircraft carriers - so I might stand a chance next year!


As promised I will continue with the Carpathia build log and expect to be writing the next post in that one quite soon.


Best Regards and thanks for the interest shown,

Bandsaw Steve



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