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Hasegawa 1:72: Yoshika Miyafuji's Mitsubishi A6M2 Type 22 'Zero'

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Hasegawa's 2018 reboxing of their 1:72 Zero with markings for Yoshika Miyafuji´s (Fuso Empire) striker of the Strike Witches anime. You may remember I already did two models based on this show, Getrud Barkhorn's Fw 190D-9 and Me 262 in 1:48. 


A fair amount of flash on the kit, even though the base kit of this 2018 reboxing was first done in 1993.

Anyways, with all my models being in 1:48, I had forgotten how small 1:72 fighters were. Thinking back, I can´t believe I once built a 1:144 Fw 190 either.

Decals were standard Hasegawa, thick but useful.








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36 minutes ago, Mohawk said:

Very unusual scheme:clap2:,well done sir.


Thanks Mohawk, I've been meaning to get this model since September of last year.

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