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Sepecat Jaguar GR3.A / GR1.A in 1/12th Scale

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This boggles the mind! The intricacy and detail in the piping is extraordinary. It's one thing to visualise, something else to actually recreate it in scale. 


Fantastic work.

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Quick update.  More tubing and parts added.  Getting close to closing up the nose gear and cockpit assembly.  Lots of parts needed to be modeled up printed and attached.  Plus no small amount of time figuring out where the plumbing goes.  I'll do a complete write up of the nose gear well and publish a complete article on my website once the assembly is complete.






More soon....




More soon....



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11 hours ago, JJ2016 said:

By my calculations this is going to be over a metre long ?? (over 40 inches)


Really, really cool project mate......


Yep its’s going to be a big one.  I thinking I’ll build a coffee table “case” for it once complete.


8 hours ago, Fritag said:

The 3D printed stuff is obviously mine blowing.  But I also love the finishing.  The painting & weathering is top drawer.  Bravo.


Thanks, I’m glad you think so.  Other than decals, it’s just pant with a mix of black and burnt umber oil wash, 

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On 9/11/2019 at 12:19 PM, Kev Gregory said:

Timmy, are these Jaguar images I took at RAF Cosford any help to you?






Hi Kev....yes those were a great help.  I've been regularly mining Flickr for reference photo's and I did find yours and I'm grateful for your generosity!



It’s DONE!!  Well the nose gear well at least.  It’s been more of the same work I’ve previously posted, just more of it.  Getting the last bits of wiring and tubing installed at the halves and front and rear bulkhead came together was a bit of a challenge.  The are a few lines that proved impossible to install.  But none of the ones I couldn’t get to can be seen easily or at all.  In fact there’s a good bit of detail that will be difficult to see when the gear and doors are installed.  You never know what will be seen or not until everything is installed so I put the details in.


On to the photo’s:


The CAD model as it exists today, a good chunk of time was spent updating the model with new parts for printing.





The completed well:












The last parts to install were the “filler” parts that close off the well and define the door opening.






That’s all for now…


Oh and I created a new template for my website, that I hope is a little more modern and user friendly.  Feed back welcome.


Full article here.


Timmy!'s Tech Jaguar Nose Gear Well


Thanks, as always, for stoping by.



Edited by Timmy!
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3 hours ago, Lord Riot said:

This is amazing!


Hope it's a practice for when you do one twelve times bigger! 😂

Well schmabey...I suppose I could be the guy that says, “No this one goes there, that goes there, right!?”

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Hello Boyos!


Quick update I finished up the LRMTS.



It’s a short article this time so head on over here for the complete write up.






Of note the clear cover was milled vs. vacuum formed.














More soon thanks for stopping by!





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How did I not notice this extraordinary work before Timmy? I've never seen the like of it before and am completely blown away by the attention to detail.


Is that Fusion360 I notice you using in those screenshots? Have only just begun paddling in its shallows myself recently myself with a view to printing some Rolls Royce Avons (admittedly at a less lavish scale than what you're producing here).


As Steve's already mentioned above, it's not just the scale and depth of structural detail you're producing here that's so impressive but your subsequent colour work that makes this so visually compelling.


Pray continue to teach us!



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This is just unbelievable Jeff!!


The level of detail is astounding! At first I thought I was looking at a real Jaguar bay, not a constructed one?


Looking forward to seeing your progress :)

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Mind blowing stuff! 


I've only just seen this thread and straight away saw the pictures on the previous page which I thought were taken of areas of the real jet! 

Absolutely stunning work, from creating the parts to the paint and finishing.


Will these lead to a commercially available product, or as singular project?



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Thanks for the kind words as always I find them motivating to keep chugging along...


1 hour ago, 71chally said:

Will these lead to a commercially available product, or as singular project?

Not per se, I may be building multiple copies and offer those for sale.  That however is far in the future. 

Edited by Timmy!
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Hello all and thanks again for the fine comments!


Got a good bit of the cockpit done. 


Construction article here…


Had a great time working on this. I’ll say this is the first time I’ve added dust and dirt to a model cockpit.  Many photos of these jets show a good bit of dust and dirt and nothing ventured nothing gained so I went for it.  Photos exaggerate the effect, mostly because with so much black paint lots of contrast is needed to see details.
























Hey what’s a tank doing here?  Read the article….




Thanks for checking in guys…




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