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Fairey gannet


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Fairey specified Sky for the u/c legs and mainwheel bays.

Out of stores the legs/components usually came painted in Sky (the airframe underside colour), however there were examples in light grey finish.

I've never heard of the bays being white, but again a light grey finish does seem to have been used.

I think some of the variations come about from the periods in service, and the methods of the time


This leg came from an ex stock crate,

17075658166_da6db03350_b.jpgFairey Gannet AEW.3 nose undercarriage by James Thomas, on Flickr


A good example of the variable colours used, the grey does feel like a primer and I wonder if some of the components didn't receive a top coat before fitting.

All parts were new old stock, apart from the bay which has been stripped & treated.


17101683765_0803ae0d7e_b.jpgFairey Gannet AEW.3 main undercarriage by James Thomas, on Flickr


In short, Sky and the light grey would be acceptable.

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