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Hobby Boss P-39

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Having acquired my first airbrush earlier this year I wanted a quick, easy build and simple colour scheme as a training exercise and also to use some decals from my stash.  I decided on Hobby Boss' easy build P-39, which despite its name did not go together particularly well, there were gaps in the nose joint and also where the tailplanes attached that required filler and sanding.  The canopy looks to be too low and the framing was so indistinct as to make masking very difficult, I ended up masking the entire forward section and painting the frames on by hand.  The only changes made to the model were the addition of some seat belts from wine bottle foil and I drilled out the end of the 37mm canon in the spinner.  Decals are from AeroMaster set 72-037 Stalin's Kobras and portray the aircraft of Major V F Sirotin of the 17th IAP, an ace credited with 26 victories and the award of the HSU.


As you can see from the strategically placed blob of bluetack under the nosewheel its a tail sitter, despite packing the nose space with bluetack.




Thanks for looking



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Hi AW,


Lovely build!!! And for a first airbrush trial, it is damn good! I have never touched an airbrush in my life...

It would help if you add some lead to the bluetack!!! Just kidding!


Great show.



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Good work and a nice scheme. 

The Hobby Boss easy kits have a very mixed reputation and the shape errors noted by you are sadly well visible.

My last Airacobra became a tail sitter as well so i added "wheel chocks" behind the main wheels.

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